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Idyllic Ohio town and PRBuzz form strategic ''Alliance''

Truth be told, most people only see Alliance, Ohio from an altitude of thirty thousand feet, and most of them see it as merely a slight blip in a wide expanse of verdant farmland. But to the people who live in Alliance, it is the center of their world. That doesn’t mean that the residents are oblivious to or lack concern for the world beyond their little hamlet. They share the same hopes, dreams, fears, and curiosities that fill the thoughts of people everywhere. It might be said that residents of Alliance, which is home to the acclaimed University of Mount Union, have the best of both worlds: the comforts and traditions of small-town living, combined with instant access to national and world news. To inform their concerns, most of them look to The Alliance Review for information. And to meet their readers’ hunger for news, the staff at The Alliance Review relies upon news releases covering technology, business, and current events from www.PRBuzz.com.

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